Hardin DD/Simon Kenton School is committed to offering an education option for children with developmental disabilities through age of 22 years.  Simon Kenton School specializes in education for children with high medical needs and/or those needing high levels of supervision.  We recognize that the needs of individuals vary depending on their age and realize that the needs of school age children are unique.  Transition planning is available for teens as they transition from school to adulthood and the unique changes in their life; whether that be employment, volunteering, life skills education or special programming that encourages and supports community integration.



Transition services are available to students aged 14-22. An SSA will help navigate the move from student to employee, using a variety of agencies including Employment First. Employment First emphasizes employment as the priority and preferred outcome for working-age adults with disabilities. It recognizes the social and economic benefits of meaningful work for all individuals.


The nurses at Simon Kenton School provide nursing care for the students that attend our program. We ensure on-going education and certification to staff in order to provide health and safety measures for our students. The nursing team at Simon Kenton School maintains and improves the ongoing health of the students and staff through education, observation, medication and treatment administration, and on-site first aid.

Accurate medical records are maintained on all students. We also maintain orders for all medications and treatments that are administered daily and/or as needed to our students. We recognize that every student is unique and so are their health needs. We are committed to providing health services to our students and their families to the best of our ability each and everyday.  



If you arrive at school on time, you do not need to sign your child in, in the office. If you arrive late, please plan to go to the office and sign your child in. You will need to sign your child out at the end of the school day, when leaving early. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office at 419-674-4158.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping all of our children safe.