If you need to cancel transportation or make any changes to transportation, please call the transportation office at 419-679-8417


When you are dealing with children coming to school and leaving at dismissal, the school parking lot can be a very chaotic place.
Student safety is always a concern for school staff, but keeping children safe in the parking lot requires the cooperation of everyone – from school staff to parents and the children themselves.
Here are a few safety tips that drivers should observe when dropping children off at school and picking them up:
  • Obey the speed limit and traffic rules.
  • Obey the school’s drop-off and pick up rules-remember all buses will pull up in front of the building for unloading/loading. 
  • Please do not walk in between the buses.
  • Be courteous to other drivers.
  • Remind children to look both ways in the parking lot, even though it is not a street.
  • Please respect school staff that enforces traffic rules.
  • Children should not run or play in the parking lot.
  • Please do not drive around buses at any time.


As we begin another school year I wanted to remind you about some of our policies for the bus.
When a last minute change to your child’s transportation arrangement occurs, it is important that you contact the Transportation Office at 419-679-8417 and our School Office at 419-674-4158 Ext. 0.  This includes Mom/Dad picking them up (when they usually ride the bus), another person picking them up (sitter, relative, or friend) or any other change that we need to be aware of. It is important to call the office so that we can ensure that everyone gets the message and your child gets where they need to be. Anyone picking up your child at school or getting your child off of the bus must be listed on the child release form and show their identification. 
Thank you for your help to lessen confusion at the end of a school day.
Any requests for changes in your regular bus pick up and/or drop off locations will require a 3 day notice.  This has been our policy for the last several years. In the past we have tried to be as accommodating as possible. However, when we change one route for one student, this affects every other student on that route. Therefore no exceptions will be made to the 3 day notice rule.
We apologize for the inconvenience; however, we need the time to make the changes to the bus routes and notify families of any changes to times.